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The Life Insurance Industry Was Broken, We Set Out to Change That

Life Insurance is important, but the system was broken

Are you tired of the traditional hassles associated with life insurance? The industry has often fallen short, making the process cumbersome and deterring many from securing the coverage they need. We're here to change that.

Picture this: a quick 15-minute phone call that addresses all your queries and provides the coverage you need. No more strangers invading your home, no more endless meetings, and certainly no pressure to purchase products you won't use. We've simplified the process to make securing your future easy and efficient.

Term Life Policy

Insurance for less than a dollar a day. This is our most popular coverage.

Whole Life Policy

Secure Tomorrow, Embrace Today: Your Lifelong Companion for Financial Confidence with Whole Life Insurance

Universal Life

Secure the financial future of your loved ones with our customizable life insurance plans.

The way it should be...

Your smart, so you want to cover your family.

The process should be simple, so here's ours.


Schedule a time

Pick a time you can chat for 15 minutes


Ask any questions

Before anything, it's our job to answer all of your questions



We will figure out what plan properly protects you


Secure your future

We will insure everything you've built is protected


No obligation

Consultations have zero cost for all clients


Built for you

Sit back & let us finish your financial planning

The Facts

86% of life policy recipients say it saved them from financial ruin

50 Years Of Knowledge

We have a combined experience of over 50 years in this industry.

Customized Plan For You

No one is the same, we're here to understand you

Exceptional customer service

Since 2020, customer service has died. We provide real people, real conversation, real help

What Clients Say

I found Prodigy on Monday. Scheduled a call for Tuesday. Spoke to Rick for maybe 12 minutes. Had a Term Policy signed for on Wednesday. This is how all insurance should work.

- Avery

Insure your family's future

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